Gemma King

Massage Therapist

Gemma is an experienced massage therapist having worked treating athletes out of a gym setting, Gemma has completed her level 3 and 4 (active IQ) Sports Massage at Bath University

Her interest in sport, fitness and physiology has led her to pursue a career as a massage therapist. Gemma has competed in CrossFit, ran numerous 10ks, a half marathon and enjoys weightlifting, bouldering and yoga in her spare time. Her involvement in such activities has taught her the importance of looking after the body and believes that massage can be a great way to heal and recover.

In her practice, Gemma uses a variety of techniques including but not limited to myofascial and soft tissue release, trigger point therapy and METs. She strongly advocates the benefits of massage and has been able to aid her client’s physical health as well as their well-being. She has a love for helping others and enjoys meeting new clients.

Meet Gemma at our Thornbury clinic.

Gemma King Massage Therapist