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Sponsored Athlete – Holly Parker

Holly is The Thornbury Clinics 1st ever sponsored Athlete. She started her sporting career in Modern Pentathlon from a young age and won multiple junior events. In 2017 Holly was 2nd in the British Junior Modern Pentathlon. However, that not being enout Holly went on to win the Junior nationals in 2018. Since then, she has won multiple competitions in both Fencing and Pentathlon. 

After the governing body for pentathalon decided to remove horse riding from the evening,  Holly turned her attention solely on fencing. This seems to have been a good decision as  recently  Holly has won the West of England epee Open and come 3rd in the National championships in Birmingham. 

We are so proud to have Holly as part of our Sponsored Athlete Programme.

Sponsored Athlete – Katy Parrott

Katy is an ultra-distance runner, mountaineer, explorer, Army Reserve and general superhuman. Described as the daughter of Tinkerbell and the Terminator, Katy was the finalist of the Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week in 2019, which inspired her to join the reserves.

in 2019 Katy completed a 7-month tour to Afghanistan in 2019. She has also been deployed to Georgia to summit a 5047m peak in the Caucasus Mountains unassisted and has completed a cold weather survival course in Norway with the Royal Marines.  Not only has Katy trekked 400km, self-sufficient along a mountain range in Bulgaria, she has also completed many ultra-marathons and was 3rd female in the 100km Cotswold Way Ultra. Katy also came 3rd overall in the men’s and women’s World Burpee Games 2020. 

More Recently Katy completed the Montane Lapland Arctic Ultra which is 185km that needs to be completed in 92hrs. Katy decided to smash that time and complete it in 74hrs, coming in 4th place!

Along with her sponsorship from The Thornbury Clinic, Katy is a Montane Ambassador and is supported by them for endurance events and mountain expeditions. She has spoken in Buckingham Palace and St James Palace to present Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awards and is an inspirational speaker for young ladies and women trying to push the boundaries in both the military and ultra-endurance events.

Sponsored Team – Thornbury Town Reserves

The Thornbury Clinic are proud to be one of the main sponsors for Thornbury Town Reserves. This enables the team to have access to our award winning equipment and practitioners along with us supporting the team financially. 

The support seems to be paying dividends as Thornbury Town reserves comprehensively won the Bristol and District senior division in 2023. The club only lost once season scoring over 100 goals and having a goal difference over 80. All of this from a team that was in its first year in that league.  

Children Sponsorship in Africa

We believe that all children have the right to an education. Sadly in many countries this is not the case. The Thrornbury clinic are proud to work with The CRED foundation to help little ones have an education.

The CRED Foundation is a UK-based charity that works to help people in developing countries suffering from economic, social or environmental hardship.  It does this by partnering with, and providing support to, specifically selected organisations who run projects designed to alleviate deprivation of this kind in Africa and Asia. he clinic will be funding to young children in Uganda to go to school. Below is a little bit

The Thornbury Clinic itself sponsor 2 incredible children to have an education and hopefully in time this will help them to support their families. 

About Miriam and Patrick

Atim Miriam

Atim Miriam is 10 years old comes from a family of 11. She has one younger sibling and 8 older. Some of the children have gone to school, but her parents are struggling to afford the fees for all the children. Both parents find casual labour where they can, but often this only amounts to £1-£2 per day.

The older children also contribute to the household income through finding casual labour to fit around their studies. Miriam is so excited to be able to go to school and finally be able to join other children of her age as they embark on the joys of education.

Thanks to attending an informal day school which CRED runs, and through watching her older siblings, Miriam has picked up sufficient knowledge and skills re numeracy, identifying letters and sounds, holding a pencil etc, that she is able to enter school in Primary 2 class.

Patrick Edanyu is 8 years old lives with his mum and younger brother. Had twin sisters who both died this year age 2 years. His mum is now being funded to undertake a training course working in the kitchens of a nearby restaurant.

This will enable her to have the skills to get more permanent work that will mean she never again has to choose which child to take for medical care, or rely on others for funeral fees, as was the case for the twins.

Patrick has gone through so much in the past year, and he is happy that he can now start going to school and learn to read and write. He is looking forward to helping his little brother learn letters and numbers.

Patrick Edanyu