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We treat all our patients as individuals, providing them with a unique and professional treatment plan for their issue. 

Our practitioners are hand picked for their passion in their field and their drive to help patients, meaning we deliver the highest quality of service. 

Experienced staff

Our staff are qualified to a minimum of degree level and have years of experience in private practice. 

Whether your issue is chronic back pain, a sporting injury, a mental health concern or you are just in need of a relaxing massage, they are here to help.

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With late night and early morning appointments, free parking outside and a comfortable waiting area with drinks waiting for you, we are here to make your life easier.

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  • What is Shockwave therapy and how can it help me?

    What is Shockwave therapy and how can it help me?

    By Guy Oldring – Sports and Injury Specialist Over the past decade, the use of shockwave therapy has become more and more common in both the NHS, professional sport and private practice. This is due to it being the most researched form of electrotherapy on the planet and also that all the controlled trials show…

  • Benefits of regular massage

    Benefits of regular massage

    By Stacey Androlah – Sports Massage Therapist Massage therapy is a great way to relax and unwind, but did you know it can also provide many health benefits? Regular massage therapy is becoming increasingly popular as people discover the many health benefits it can provide. From improved circulation and relaxation to relief from chronic pain,…

  • What is Frozen Shoulder

    What is Frozen Shoulder

    By Ella Guest – Sports Injury Specialist What is a Frozen Shoulder?  Frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis or shoulder contracture is a condition that leads to pain and stiffness of the shoulder. Typically, you’ll experience shoulder pain which can become more severe over a number of months. This is usually followed by increasing…

  • Resistance Training Methodologies

    Resistance Training Methodologies

    By Robyn Donno – Injury Rehabilitation Specialist Split or full body sessions. What is the difference, and which is better? Cinderella taught us that there is not a one size fits all option. Every person has individual training goals and aspirations. The best way to determine what type of resistance training suits you better is…

  • How to avoid over training.

    How to avoid over training.

    By Robyn Donno – Sports Performance Analyst. As athletes we often believe more is better. We need to push the boundaries to achieve our goals. Though this may be true, sometimes we need to rest to perform at our best. Though imperative to maintaining our health and wellness, exercise is a stress we place on…

  • Can Massage Keep Me Healthy?

    Can Massage Keep Me Healthy?

    By Gemma King – Massage Therapist You may not think of massage as being one of the ways that may help fight off sickness, but there are several studies that show us it can and for several different reasons. Firstly, circulation. The physical action of massage helps promote blood flow throughout the body and massages…

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The Thornbury Clinic 4 Castle Street

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9am – 1pm Saturday

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The Thornbury Clinic Active Thornbury Leisure Centre

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Thornbury Leisure Centre
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Yate Leisure Centre
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Opening hours:
9 am – 8 pm Weekdays
9am – 1pm Saturday

“When I saw Guy and he gave me exercises and treatment to stop the pain and get my flexibility back.”

Becky, professional dancer/aerialist

“I’ve had an ongoing issue with my left shoulder, on and off, for around a year. I began seeing Megan for treatment a couple of months ago and I was hugely impressed by her knowledge and quick identification of the problem.“


“…after just one session of gentle McTimoney Chiropractic therapy, the pain had gone. It was absolutely incredible and I wish I’d known about this brilliant practice before.”


“Penny was clearly prepared for each session and captured details and key points. I am delighted to have found a thoughtful, skilled and warm therapist. I highly recommend Penny .”


“What a great physio, very knowledgeable, very understanding and very quickly got to the root cause of my ailment.“


“Began seeing Ella with a prolapsed disc in lock down, all the staff have been so friendly and professional and I can honestly say Ella has worked a miracle sorting my back and associated problems …“

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