Leanna Parry

Massage Therapist

Leanna is a Sports Massage Therapist at The Thornbury Clinic with experience treating both work related pain and helping to improve athletic performance.

Leanna has worked in a sports environment since 2016 when she took on a role of exercise instructor at an athletic centre. Since then she has gone on to gain a degree in sports science and level 3 diplioma in sports massage.

Leanna uses soft tissue massage, myofascial trigger pointing, lymphatic drainage techniques and active release techniques to reduce scar tissue, increase blood flow and flush out lactic acid.

As a keen sports woman and exercise instructor, Leanna also holds qualifications in personal training, gym instructing, football coaching and spin instructing. She is also a keen footballer and plays for Forest Green Rovers Football Club

Meet Leanna at our Thornbury and Thornbury Active clinics.

Leanna Parry