Reaching your new year goals.

By Fleur Cradock – McTimoney Chiropractor

New Year, new you and yet by the end of January we are back on the couch. So why is it that our well-intentioned, heartfelt New Year resolutions usually crumble? Principally, there are two reasons. First off, we often don’t set ourselves clear, realistic targets. Secondly, we often anticipate ‘failure’ right from the outset

The Thornbury Clinic is here to help, with a top 10 list from our Senior McTimoney Chiropractor of how to achieve your goals.

  1. Be Specific

What does ‘toning up’ or ‘losing weight’ actually mean to you? How will you measure it, why do you want it, how will you get it and are you being realistic? When you formulate a new goal put it through the SMART test. Is the goal Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-framed? If not, then adjust it so that it is and write it down.

  • Be Active

If you walk try going for another 5 or 10 minutes, do you need to drive or could you walk little increases/ changes to routines can make a big difference. You should be mindful of being able to distinguish between ‘can’t’ exercise and ‘can’t be bothered.’

  • Eat Smarter 

We all know Fruit and Veg are packed with health-promoting properties and we should be aiming at five to eight portions a day. If seems daunting you could start the day with a fruit smoothie, add some extra vegetables to meals, use fruit and raw veg as snacks between meals. Dried, canned and frozen varieties count, too there are options!

  • Visit the Gym often

Research has shown the more a new member gets to the gym after joining is a key predictor of their future success. If only go once a month you are 30% more likely to drop it. So, once you’ve signed up, keep the momentum going aim to go twice a week, make the most of your membership!

  • Keep a fitness journal

No, they aren’t just for professional athletes. Anyone who works out regularly (or plans to!) should keep a log of what they do, including where they are at the outset (in terms of fitness level, weight and so on). You will find that keeping a diary is motivating, fascinating and can be very useful.

  • Be body aware

Body awareness isn’t something that stops the minute you finish your fitness session. The key points to look out for are hunched, tight shoulders, a clenched jaw, a hanging-out stomach, a jutting-forward head and crossed limbs. By making small corrections you can feel taller more graceful and balanced.

  • Get Your Fluid Intake Right

If you know it’s low, we urge you to try to increase your water intake. After all what is better than cleansing, calorie-free water? Try increasing your intake by 500ml, and see if it improves your concentration, energy levels and skin.

  • Try something new

If you love running, or have a passion for any specific activity, it’s tempting to restrict yourself to just doing that one thing. However, it’s important to have a balance of activities in your regime, this will reduce your risk of injury, gain fitness, and you will almost certainly improve your performance.

  • Balance your training

Try to apply the hard-easy rule, following tough, challenging sessions with something easier and less intense the next day. If you have a High Intensity Day, try to balance it with a low intensity, relaxing session, mindfulness session.

  1. Don’t ignore the niggles

When we increase any level of exercise, we are bound to feel sore or stiff in new places, this is common, however if pain in the body presents and is not relieved from stretching or rest, don’t ignore this seek advice from a professional practitioner, prevent a niggle from becoming a long-lasting injury.

If you would like help reaching your goals then contact our reception team on 01454 838366 and come and see us at our Thornbury, Thornbury Active or Yate clinics.