Robyn Donno

Sport Performance and Rehabilitation Specialist

Robyn is the Sports Performance and Rehabilitation Specialist at the Thornbury clinic. Robyn joined the clinic from South Africa where she was working at the prestigious Eagle Canyon wellness centre. There she played a fundamental role in improving performance of high level triathletes, national track/distance and cross country runners, dancers, swimmers and other sporting individuals using state of the art analysis software and equipment.

Robyn has a BHSc (Hons) in Biokinetics and is trained in sports science, injury prevention, injury rehabilitation, biomechanical and gait analysis. She has additional qualifications in hydrotherapy, group fitness instruction and special population exercise prescription. She has extensive knowledge of biomechanical assessment reducing injury risk and sports performance enhancement.

During her time Robyn has also worked with individuals suffering from chronic diseases, respiratory disorders, and neural conditions to improve their quality of life through wellness programs and exercise prescription.

An active member on the board of the Biokinetics Association of the United Kingdom she is also an avid sports person, having completed multiple ultra marathons, marathons and triathlons. She also competed at a county level in indoor hockey, cross country and ballet.

Meet Robyn at our Thornbury Active and Yate clinics.

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