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Room Rentals

How does it work?

At The Thornbury Clinic we are keen to give a fully holistic approach to everything we do. Due to this we are keen to have talking therapist as part of our team. However we understand that some clinicians are not keen to go on associate contracts. Due to this we offer the ability to rent our professional and relaxing consultation room. We ask that you book a minimum of 4 hours a week that we can confirm in our diary. From there if you would like to book more you can do so on an adhoc basis or increase your block bookings. Simply Contact us and if it is available then we can have a chat and book you in.

How much does it cost?

1 hour - £10
Full day (9 hours) - £75

Are other rooms available?

We do have both our calming massage room and also treatment studio available for rent but this is on a case by case basis. Feel free to Contact Us and we can discuss your needs.

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