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Running Gait Analysis

What is Running Gait Analysis?

Your running gait is simply your style of running. There is no ‘perfect running style’. Many athletes struggle with a pain, recurrent injury, and poor performance due to gait deficiencies placing too much strain on certain musculoskeletal and bony structures. Correcting these deficiencies can help an athlete manage pain, improve their running economics, improve overall running performance, and help prevent musculoskeletal injury. Helping you get away from the ow and moving towards wow.

What will a Running Gait Analysis Consultation Involve?

Your consultation will begin with a brief personal and medical history. Using the latest in 3D analysis technology your running style will be dissected.This information will then be used for your program design to get you running as efficiently as possible. To complete your biomechanical assessment measures of strength, range of motion, VO2 max, speed, power, agility, and balance will be incorporated all helping us design a bespoke plan tailored to your goals.

Once all tests are complete a detailed report will be generated with your results. Your assessing practitioner will then advise you on all the program options available to you. This allows you to make an informed decision as to whether you would like to continue with treatment.

The assessment is physical in nature so make sure you wear comfortable nonrestrictive clothing. Your running gait can be influenced by your footwear. Please be sure to wear your running shoes on the day of assessment.

How can it help me?

Running gait analysis can then be used to create bespoke exercise programs and treatment plans to help with but not limited to:

Chronic Ankle instability and pain. Knee pain. ITB friction Syndrome. Hip instability and pain. Back pain. Shoulder and neck pain. Repetitive Strain Injuries. Tendon issues

Gait analysis can also help to improve running performance and help to preven injuries.

Why choose us?

Our Gait Analysis team are qualified to a minimum degree level with extensive experience in performance analysis from weekend warriors to high performance athletes. All our clinicians are hand picked for their in depth knowledge in their field along with their ability to create detailed bespoke running specific programs for every patient. They are available for early morning and evening appointments so they can always be available when you need them. Couple this with state of the art software and a fully equiped gym at our fingertips, you will have everything you need to nail that PB.


Robyn Donno

Sports Performance and Wellbeing Analyst

Robyn joined the clinic from South Africa where she was working at the prestigious Eagle Canyon wellness centre. There she played a fundamental role in improving performance........
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