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What is Physiotherapy?

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy involves the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of injuries involving muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, connective tissue, cartilage and nerves. Physiotherapy helps to restore and maintain the health of people of all ages who are effected by illness, injury or disability. At The Thornbury Clinic our physiotherapists will aim to take both a detailed medical history along with understanding your individual goals to enable a truly bespoke treatment pathway catering to your needs. Our physiotherapists are equipped to help with a wide variety of different musculoskeletal injuries such as post surgical rehabilitation, sports injuries, injuries from activities of daily living through aches and pains of your normal daily life.

What will Physiotherapy involve?

Our Physiotherapist will spend time taking a detailed history of your present complaint along with a full medical history. This information will enable the clinician to form an initial impression of what could be the issue. Following this you will be asked to take your joints through the ranges you are able to complete along with testing your strength in different areas. The Physiotherapst will also perform clinical tests to give them a clearer picture of what the diagnosis of your issue is. Finally your Physiotherapist will use a number of treatment modalities including joint mobilisations, exercise prescription and soft tissue massage.

Why choose us?

Our Physiotherapists are qualified to a minimum degree level with extensive experience in health care and professional sport.All our clinicians are hand picked for their in depth knowledge in their field along with their ability to create detailed bespoke treatment protocols for every patient. They are available for early morning and evening appointments so they can always be available when you need them. Couple this with free parking just outside and a beautiful brand new clinic, you will feel looked after as soon as you arrive.


Megan Miller-Zutshi

Lead Physiotherapist

Megan is the Lead Physiotherapist at The Thornbury Clinic. With over 10 years experience in private practice and professional sport she has extensive knowledge in her field. Previous to her at The Thornbury Clinic Megan has been the clinical performance lead for Physiotherapy at The Medical.

Megan has worked with Professional sports teams such as Bristol Rugby.... Read More

Erica Bonnici Mallia

Senior Physiotherapist

Erica is a senior physiotherapist at The Thornbury Clinic with a special interest in back, neck and chronic pain. Erica has worked in private practice for over 10 years and during this time, has been heavily involved in mentoring junior physiotherapists and educating local communities on the best way to stay injury free.

Since graduating in 2011 as a physiotherapist Erica went on... Read More

Nick Robilliard

Senior Physiotherapist

Nick is a Senior Physiotherapist at The Thornbury Clinic and has a detailed knowledge of treating a wide range of patients from the young elite athlete, to the more senior individual who just wants to get back to doing what they love.

Alongside his work at the clinic, Nick works as a senior physiotherapist in... Read More

Craig Boustead

Senior Physiotherapist

Craig is a senior physiotherapist at The Thornbury Clinic and specialises in sports injuries. Alongside his work at the Clinic Craig is the Head Physio at the premiership rugby club Bristol Bears.

Craig is a highly experienced physiotherapist who uses his expert knowledge to t..... Read More
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