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What is Osteopathy ?

Osteopathy is an extremely safe, ‘hands-on’ form of complementary and alternative medicine. Osteopathy focuses on the holistic relationship between organs, joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons. Osteopaths spend four to five years training at University where they develop finely tuned skills of palpation, or touch, to find and assess areas of tension, strain or weakness and imbalances within the body.

What will Osteopathy involve?

Your practitioner will spend time taking a detailed history of your present complaint along with a full medical history. This information will enable them to form an initial impression of what could be the issue. The Osteopath will then use their experience or pressing through the joints to identif any stiffness or tightness in muscles. They will then use this information to compile a detailed report of findings and a treatment plan.
A variety of safe and gentle techniques are used to increase joint movement, soft tissue and spinal flexibility and improve circulation, alongside providing lifestyle advice and specific exercises relevant to the individual and their condition. restriction.

Why choose us?

Research has shown that Osteopathy can be highly effective in helping with a wide range of conditions from headaches to back pain and disorders of the musculoskeletal structures throughout the whole body. Osteopaths aim to identify and address the cause of dysfunction rather than just treat the symptoms, with the over-riding philosophy that they are treating the individual as a whole rather than just the area of pain or .

Our Osteopaths are qualified to a minimum degree level with extensive experience in private health care and sport. All our clinicians are hand picked for their in depth knowledge in their field along with their ability to create detailed bespoke treatment protocols for every patient. They are available for weekend appointments so they can always be available when you need them. Couple this with free parking just outside and a beautiful brand new clinic, you will feel looked after as soon as you arrive.


Alexandra Orchard


Alexandra is an experienced Osteopath at The Thornbury Clinic. Alexandra works in a holistic approach connecting all aspects of your past medical history to form a comprehensive Osteopathy treatment plan to resolve your issue..

Alexandra has a passion for treating both sporting injuries and also those chronic injuries such as work related neck pain and chronic back pain. Read More
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