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What is injury assessment and treatment?

From back pain at work to neck pain after an accident, knee pain from running or shoulder pain from lifting a bag, we are here to help. Injury Assessment and Treatment involves our highly qualified practitioners doing a full in depth clinical assessment. During your initial consultation our practitioners will take a thorough medical history along with details of the issue you have come in to have resolved. A detailed set of observations and clinical tests will then be completed to allow them to accurately assess the issue. Once this is completed you will be given a full report of the findings and the details of the treatment plan the clinician feels would help you the most. This allows you to make an informed decision as to whether you would like to continue with treatment.

What if I haven't sustained an injury?

Our practitioners have extensive experience in the assessment and treatment of all ailments involving muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, joints and nerves. Due to this if you have had a pain slowly increase but haven't had a specific trauma, you are in the right place! Due to the rigorous and detailed assessment procedure we will be able to discover what is causing the pain and the root of the problem. We can then advise you on why you are sore and how to resolve the issue.

Why choose us?

Our practitioners are qualified to degree level with extensive experience in health care. They are available for early morning and evening appointments so they can always be available when you need them. Couple this with free parking just outside and a beautiful brand new clinic, you will feel looked after as soon as you arrive.


Megan Miller-Zutshi

Lead Physiotherapist

Megan is the Lead Physiotherapist at The Thornbury Clinic. With over 10 years experience in private practice and professional sport she has extensive knowledge in her field..

Over the years Megan has worked within a variety of different sports, including Gloucestershire County Cricket Club, Ipswich Town Youth Football Club...... Read More

Guy Oldring

Clinical Lead

Guy is the clinical lead and heads up the team at The Thornbury Clinic. With over 10 years experience in both private practice and professional sport, Guy has extensive knowledge in the treatment of sporting injuries and chronic injuries such as low back pain and work related neck pain.

Guy has spent his time working in multidisciplinary teams comprising of .... . Read More

Nick Robilliard

Senior Physiotherapist

Nick is a Senior Physiotherapist at The Thornbury Clinic and has a detailed knowledge of treating a wide range of patients from the young elite athlete, to the more senior individual who just wants to get back to doing what they love. Alongside his work at the clinic...... Read More

Fleur Cradock

McTimoney Chiropractor

Fleur graduated from the McTimoney College of Chiropractic with a Intergrated Masters in Chiropractic in 2012; she then went on to continue her education by completing a MSc in Animal Manipulation in 2015.

Since then Fleur has gone onto to establish herself as a successful Chiropractor focusing..... Read More

Craig Boustead

Senior Physiotherapist

Craig is a senior physiotherapist at The Thornbury Clinic and specialises in sports injuries. Alongside his work at the Clinic Craig is the Head Physio at the premier rugby club Bristol Bears.

Craig is a highly experienced physiotherapist who . Read More

Ella Guest

Sports Injury Therapist

Ella is a highly experienced and knowledgeable sports injury therapist who uses a wide range of techniques to help decrease pain, relieve muscular tension, prevent injury and ultimately enhance performance.

Previous to her role at The Thornbury Clinic Ella worked as the lead therapist at Lydney Town FC providing pitch side first aid treatment and rehabilitation. Read More

Alexandra Orchard


Having worked both in the NHS and private practice as an Osteopath, Alexandra has a passion for treating both sporting injuries and also those chronic injuries such as work related neck pain and chronic back pain.

Alongside to her role at The Thornbury Clinic Alexandra has a special interest in treating fibromyalgia having written a paper on it in 2020. Read More

Erica Bonnici Mallia

Senior Physiotherapist

Erica is a senior physiotherapist at The Thornbury Clinic with a special interest in back, neck and chronic pain. Erica has worked in private practice for over 10 years and during this time, has been heavily involved in mentoring junior physiotherapists and educating local communities on the best way to stay injury free.

Since graduating in 2011 as a physiotherapist Erica went on... Read More
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