Meet the team

Guy Oldring

Clinical Lead

Guy is one of the owners and clinical lead at The Thornbury Clinic . Guy has gained experience, both pitch-side and clinical, with some of the UK’s leading sports clubs alongside haveing over 10 years experience...

Megan Miller-Zutshi

Lead Physiotherapist

Megan is the Lead Physiotherapist at The Thornbury Clinic. With over 10 years experience in private practice and professional sport she has extensive knowledge in her field. She has worked with teams such as Bristol .....

Dr John Oldring

Senior Medical Advisor

Dr Oldring is an experienced GP and sits on the clinical board at The Thornbury Clinic as our Senior Medical Advisor. With over 40 years experience as a GP and having worked in many sporting environments such as ......

Gemma King

Massage Therapist

Gemma is an experienced massage therapist having worked treating athletes out of a gym setting, Gemma has completed her level 3 and 4 (active IQ) Sports Massage at Bath University and uses a blend of different techniques......

Fleur Cradock

McTimoney Chiropractor

Fleur is an experienced human and animal chiropractor with experience treating all ages and varying issues. She has an integrated masters in McTimoney Chiropractic with a masters ....

Ella Guest

Sports Injury Therapist

Ella is the Sports Injury Therapist at the Thornbury Clinic and has a thorough understanding of chronic and acute sporting injuries and specialises in finding the root cause of your problems, rather than......

Nick Robilliard

Senior Physiotherapist

Nick is a Senior Physiotherapist at The Thornbury Clinic and has a detailed knowledge of treating a wide range of patients from the young elite athlete, to the more senior individual who just wants to get back to doing what they love.

Erica Bonnici Mallia

Senior Physiotherapist

Erica is a senior physiotherapist at The Thornbury Clinic with a special interest in back, neck and chronic pain. Erica has worked in private practice for over 10 years and during this time, has been heavily involved in mentoring junior physiotherapists and educating local communities on the best way to stay injury free.

Leanna Parry

Sports Massage Therapist

Leanna is an experienced and knowledgeable sports massage therapist having graduated with a degree in sports science.....

Alexandra Orchard


Having worked both in the NHS and private practice as an Osteopath, Alexandra has a passion for treating both sporting injuries and also those chronic injuries such as work related neck pain and chronic back pain....

Kassia Portas

Sports Rehabilitation Therapist

Kassia is an experienced and knowledgeable sports massage therapist having graduated from the University West of England with a BSc (Hons) degree in Sports Rehabilitation......

Robyn Donno

Sport Performance and Wellbeing Analyst

Robyn is our Sports Performance and wellbeing analyst coupled with working as an injury rehabilitation instructor at The Thornbury Clinic. She has extensive knowledge.....

Penny Finnegan

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Penny is the senior clinical hypnotherapist at The Thornbury Clinic. She has successfully helped patients to manage a plethora of mental challenges such as stress and anxiety and insomnia as well as helping improve athletic performance.

Craig Boustead

Senior Physiotherapist

Craig is a senior physiotherapist at The Thornbury Clinic and specialises in sports injuries. Alongside his work at the Clinic Craig is the Head Physio at the premiership rugby club Bristol Bears.........

Isobel Powell

Body Conditioning

Isobel is one of the owners of The Thornbury Clinic and runs stretch and flexibility classes to help with injury rehabilitation and wellbeing. longside her work with The Thornbury Clinic Isobel is an international performer working with international ......

Adam Bates

Massage Therapist

Adam is an experienced massage therapist at The Thornbury clinic and holds a level 3 Sports Massage qualification. Adam graduated from Webber International University in Florida, where he received a scholarship to play football....
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