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        Knee Pain

        Knee Pain.

        There are many ailments that can cause pain in and around the knee. Whilst symptoms can appear similar there can be very different reasons as to why the knee is becoming sore. Factors such as ankle instability, glute weakness, poor movement patterns and direct trauma can all cause very similar pains but for very different reasons.

        The treatment of knee pain?

        As there are many factors that can cause knee pain your clinician will first take a detailed medical history of your current ailment as well as previous injuries. From there they will then go through a rigorous clinical assessment looking at all your range of movements and powers along with specific clinical tests that can help diagnose your issue. From here all their findings will be explained before a personalised treatment plan will be delivered.

        Common Knee issues.

        There are many knee pathologies that are treated in clinic but common ones are:

        • Patella Tendonopathy
        • Runners Knee
        • TB friction Syndrome
        • Patella Maltracking
        • Meniscal damage
        • Post operative rehabilitation
        • to name just a few….


        Symptoms for shoulder impingement include but are not limited to:

        • Pain around the knee on the inside or outside
        • Pain under the knee cap
        • Pain behind the knee cap
        • Clicking and grinding inside the knee
        • Giving way or a feeling of instability around the knee

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        The most common cause of knee pain is glute weakness along with poor movement patterns. Your practitioner will use manual therapy techniques such as joint mobilisation, joint manipulation and soft tissue massage to try and improve the function of the knee. They will also deliver a bespoke exercise plan to enable you to take control of your injury and hopefully prevent re occurrence.

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