Golfers and Tennis Elbow
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        Golfers and Tennis Elbow

        Tennis and Golfers Elbow.

        Tennis elbow (also known as lateral epicondylitis) and golfers elbow (also known as medial epicondylitis) are issues that effect a large percentage of the population at some point during their life. Common causes are obviously an increase in tennis and golf, however, it can be cause by an increase in DIY, desk work or even a change in car. The difference between the two is simply that tennis elbow effects the tendons on the outside of the elbow whereas golfers elbow effects the tendons on the inside.

        What is tennis and golfers elbow?

        Overuse of the tendon from doing a repetitive movement of the wrist causes lots of small tears (microruptures) into the tendon itself. This coupled with other slight degenerative changes into the tendon causes thickening and dysfunction of the tendon which can lead to pain. Historically the assumption was that there was inflammation around the area but more up to date research has shown this not to be the case.


        Symptoms for tennis and golfers elbow include but are not limited to:

        – Pain on the outer or inner part of the elbow

        – Pinpoint tenderness on the elbow bones on the outside or inside

        – Pain referring down the forearm

        – Pain on gripping or repeated movements of the wrist

        – Weakness when gripping


        As tennis and golfers elbow is usually an over use injury there tends to be a lot of soft tissue tightness associated. Your practitioner will use manual therapy techniques such as soft tissue massage, myofascial dry needling and joint manipulation to try and improve the function of the elbow and decrease soft tissue tightness. They will also deliver a bespoke exercise plan to enable you to take control of your injury and hopefully prevent re occurrence.

        If you have any further questions you are welcome to contact us or simply book an appointment and we can get you on the road too recovery.