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        Biokinetics Explained

        What is Biokinetics?

        You may not have come across the term Biokinetics as it is a relatively new form of treatment in the United Kingdom. A biokineticist is an expert in biomechanical analysis and clinical exercise. Their role is to rehabilitate musculoskeletal injuries and chronic/neurological/respiratory conditions through clinical exercise. Basically, a biokineticist assess how your body is working with an initial assessment. We analyze your results and identify deficits and areas of the body are not performing optimally. Then, through clinical exercise prescription, we improve these areas to ensure the body is working at its best. Reducing strain on muscles or systems, making you move and feel better.

        Why get treatment from a registered Biokineticist?

        Biokinetics is a 5-year medical university degree. This includes a 3-year undergraduate university degree, a 1 year postgraduate Honours degree (inclusive of practical clinical rotations), and an additional year of full-time internship before full qualification is achieved. Biokinetics originated in South Africa and is recognised by the Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HPCSA), medical boards, and by all medical insurance companies. In the United Kingdom we are registered under the Biokinetics Association of the United Kingdom. As a registered biokineticist, your practitioner is an expert in biomechanics and how to use exercise prescription to resolve injury and improve performance.

        What will a biokinetic consultation involve?

        A biokineticist does not perform manual manipulations. Consultation methods include:

        Anthropometry – ( Analysing body composition)
        Goniometry  – ( looking at ranges of movement of all joints )
        Special testing – ( Using gold standard clinical tests to identify issues and injuries)
        Gait and biomechanical analysis ( Using state of the art motion capture systems to analyse movements)
        Performance Analysis ( Investigating different measure such as strength, power, VO2 max and much more)

        once your biokinetics has completed the above they will design a bespoke rehabilitation plan to get you pain free and performing at your best.

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