Ankle Sprains
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        Ankle Sprains

        Ankle sprains usually occur when the the ankle is forcefully rolled with weight going through the leg. During this the ankle can roll in either direction causing damage to the outer ligaments (inversion sprain) or the inside ligaments (eversion sprain). The more common of these sprains is an inversion sprain.

        What causes ankle sprains?

        Whilst ankle sprains can occur due to a slip or contact in sport, and this is just unlucky, there can also be underlying reasons as too why you rolled your ankle. The most common reason of rolling your ankle is that you have done it before. When you roll your ankle it damages the ligaments but also decreases the efficiency of the muscles around the ankle. When this happens, the muscles that are there to prevent you rolling your ankle don’t work as well and therefore risk you doing it again. A lack of strength in the ankle along with previous injuries to the knee or hip can also be a factor.


        Symptoms for ankle sprains include but are not limited to:

        – Bruising around the inside or outside of the ankle
        – Swelling around the ankle
        – Stiffness into the ankle joint
        – Pain when trying to move the ankle
        – Pain on walking

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        Our practitioners will spend the initial appointment discussing your ankle pain history as well as gathering information about your activities of daily living. This will allow us to develop a treatment plan that will both fit in with your life and get you back doing the things you love. Your treatment will involve manual therapy techniques such as joint mobilisation, joint manipulation and soft tissue massage along with developing a rehabilitation plan that you can build into your life. Our aim is to use techniques from all the disciplines such as physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractic to deliver a treatment that is effective and also catered to you.

        If you have any further questions you are welcome to contact us or simply book an appointment and we can get you on the road too recovery.