What is Pregnancy Massage

By Gemma King, Senior Massage Therapist

At the Thornbury Clinic, we can offer you pregnancy massage but what is it?

Pregnancy massage is a specially adapted massage for pregnant women to aid with any aches and pains and promote relaxation. Depending on what your needs are, the massage can vary significantly from person to person. However in most cases, pregnancy massage will be carried out with the client lying on their sides and on their back, with pillows and bolsters to make you as comfortable as possible. Different techniques will be used depending on what you are looking for from your massage. Often gentler, more relaxing techniques are used during pregnancy massage though some deeper work can be offered if needed to get rid of any knots or tension that you may have.

Who can have Pregnancy Massages?

We are able to perform pregnancy massage on anyone in their second trimester up until the day your baby is born, as long as there are no health or pregnancy concerns contraindicating the massage. If you are unsure whether massage is safe for you, feel free to talk to us at the clinic as well as your doctor and midwife. There is no evidence to suggest that massage could cause any issues or miscarriage in pregnancy but of course it is sensible to be precautious. 

How can it help?

Massage during pregnancy can be beneficial to you and your baby in a variety of ways. Firstly, relaxation, which is so helpful during a time which can cause a lot of stress and anxiety to many women. It is an excellent opportunity to get an hour to yourself to unwind before your baby arrives, allowing some time to slow down our hectic lives and connect with your body and your baby. Massage has been shown to help with reduction of blood pressure and reduce stress levels as well as reduce fatigue and promote good sleep which is so important to us all.

Massage can also help with any pregnancy aches and pain that you may be experiencing. Pregnancy can often cause back and hip pain, with the changes in your body and weight taking its toll. Massage can soothe and release these tense muscles, helping your pregnancy be a little easier. Sciatic pain is another common symptom of pregnancy which we are happy to treat at the clinic. Some women also experience ankle, feet and hand swelling. During pregnancy, a women may have up to 50% more blood in their body, alongside the extra pressure on the pelvis, swelling is not uncommon. With massage, circulation, blood flow and lymphatic drainage is promoted, thus helping to reduce any swelling.

Who can deliver this massage?

Gemma at the Thornbury Clinic is qualified to a level 4 in Sports Massage and has undertaken a specialist pregnancy massage course. She has gained a lot of experience in pregnancy massage over the last couple of years and really enjoys this area of her job. She is always happy to answer any questions that you may have in regards to massage. She works at The Thornbury Clinic and you can always book online!