New Year – New You!

I don’t think I have ever heard the phrase “New Year’s Resolution” without hearing the words “exercise” “diet” or “fitness” immediately afterwards. That’s because most of our resolutions have something to do with getting ourselves back on track after a long year and, most importantly, the busy festive period. One of the biggest challenges of making a New Year’s resolution is finding the time to stick to it. Between work, family, and busy social lives you might be struggling to find the balance, it’s hard to sneak away to the gym, take part in an exercise class or go for a run once a week, let alone on a daily basis. 

Whether you want to lose weight, exercise more, sleep better, be more active, or just become a healthier version of you, it’s important to focus on the steps you’ll take to get there. You don’t have to start at 100 miles an hour, chances are you will fall out of love with exercise pretty quickly if you do. Take it easy to begin with, it will help you to enjoy exercise but most importantly it will prevent injury. If you haven’t exercised in a while or if you are trying something new, ease yourself into it, let your body get to grips with the new demands you are asking of it.

Top tips for a happy and healthy new year:

  1. Stick to one goal at a time, but always have several in line for you to move straight onto.
  2. Share what you are doing with the people around you. Having the support of others can both inspire you and hold you accountable.
  3. Commit yourself to an event or competition. If you want to do more running, why not sign yourself up for a 10k or a half marathon in a few months’ time? The fear of failure will drive you to work and train harder than ever.
  4. Its ok to be nervous, but don’t let it stop you. People are often afraid to try something new. This is completely normal.
  5. Treat yourself! Once you hit your goal for the week, whether it is going to the gym 3 times a week, losing a few pounds or completing a 10 minute workout from home every day, choose a reward that wont undo your hard work: Such as a massage.

In the dark and cold of winter it can be hard to drag yourself away from the comfort of your sofa, but exercise benefits so much more than just your physical health. This time of the year can be particularly hard for people suffering with their mental health and exercise is one proven treatment for it. You will feel better about yourself and will be proud of actually getting up before work and trying a class or doing a simple routine at home. Before long we are sure you will catch the exercise bug and what was once a chore will become something you look forward to.

 If a healthier New Year is what you want, keep that desire strong throughout the year. New habits are not made overnight; you must keep working at them and The Thornbury Clinic team will always be on hand to offer physical and emotional support and advice to help you achieve your goals.

This Blog was Written By Ella. To book an appointment with Ella Click Here